Brier Hills Recycling have a purpose built concrete reception and large barn specific for wood waste recycling.  The wood waste undertakes multiple shredding and grading to produce specific product streams for end markets.



Some wood streams are not acceptable a list of acceptable and unacceptable waste is listed below.  The European Waste Catelogue (EWC) Codes are also listed with their descriptions under the permitted waste tab above .


We are able to accept:

  • Pallet wood - whole or broken, packaging cases
  • Cable drums
  • Timber off-cuts
  • Mixed clean wood, untreated floorboards
  • Rafters, joists and other clean demolition timber
  • Board Products - Chipboard, Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), Laminated Flooring and door blanks

We do NOT accept:

Any material that may contain halogenated organic compounds or heavy metals as a result of treatment with wood preservatives (CCA) or coatings.

  • Cane furniture, sofas or any other textiles
  • Railway sleepers, telegraph poles, treated fencing products, garden decking
  • Metal, rubble, bricks & concrete
  • Plastic planks on blue GKN pallets
  • Plastics - of any kind
  • Plastic from kitchen carcasses, plastic bottles etc
  • Rubber and silicone in all formats

We are accredited reprocessors of Wood Packaging Waste Environment Agency
ref: ER102010139.

We also trade Package Recovery Notes.